As for the conclusion of this blog, the traditional Malay musical instruments should not be forgotten by every generation as it shows the identity of the Malay people itself in terms of culture and norms. Each of the instruments has its own tales and sentimental values along with it. Without them, the Malay music will not have its own distinctiveness and cannot achieve the accomplishment that can be seen nowadays. Thus, several commendations should be made in supporting the cultures in order to preserve it for longer period:

ü Implements the used of traditional Malays musical instruments as one of the tools in teaching subject related to music in primary school so that the children will get the early expose of the instruments.

ü Organize lots of events that encourage the used of traditional Malays musical instruments and provide incentives for those who involved. Governments and private sectors should join these activities so that it will become more attention-grabbing.

ü Government divisions should provide a place in each state that exclusively for the purpose of training younger generations about the beauty of traditional Malay musical instrument.

With this rich information of this blog, I hope that readers will gain knowledge and benefits about the Malay cultures and identity in terms of musical instruments. I also hope that the younger generations will continue the tradition and practice so that it will not be elapsed by time. This is one of the things that made Malays cultures are differs from others  and put it on top of the list as one of the races that have diverse ethnicity and customary values in it.